AGF Group, LLC is a company founded in Houston, Texas that provides procurement solutions to the oil & gas, transportation, mining, and construction industries. Our main goal is to deliver innovative solutions designed to meet our customers’ project requirements.

AGF comes with a great business curriculum. The products that we distribute are reinforced by specialists who provide engineering and technical expertise support that helps local and overseas markets in regard to engineering, equipment, materials and spare parts.

Our excellent location gives us a competitive advantage. Since we have gained experience having access to a great variety of engineering firms, specific products, and spare parts, this help us to supply our customers the best products under their specifications and accomplish the desire time.


Our main objective is to offer the best service to our customers through constant communication, informing our plans to minimize and authenticate our technical and economic proposals. This process is applied in the different fields that are in development for the implementation of sales procedures in order to satisfy the customers with solutions.


To be a national and international reference company that provides a continuous integral service with high quality standards. In addition, to offer high level of reliability and availability that lead to maximum productivity. Constantly, preserving the safety of our staff, equipment, and the environmental conservation, as well as the transparency of this administration.


To offer an integral service with a team of highly qualified professionals and great experience in the operations where they are involved. To perform their tasks in an efficient way with quality answers, great productivity, and innovative responses. Especially focused on the customer’s needs with new equipment and tools technologies, fully integrated into the business.