AGF Group, LLC is able to offer an integrated work. Every step in the supply chain process is taking in consideration to deliver the best alternative for the customer.

Our client, throughout its purchasing department send us their requisition; including: specifications and delivery time.
We will allocate the best alternatives and will present a comparative table in a report form.
The client will analyze and make a decision based on our comparative report letting our staff knows through the purchase order the chosen alternative.
We then proceed to re-direct the purchase order to the chosen supplier.
Our company then follows up the order making sure its complies with the standards, required specs and under the set delivery time.
We also give tracking services to the order, receive, storage, verifies and sent to the freight forwarding company.
In addition, we provide door-to-door services taking all pressure and responsibility out of the client letting it concentrate on its operations.
We then close the purchasing cycle by following up with payment and invoicing, guarantee and warranties.