AGF Group distributes equipment for environmental protection, safety at work, and occupational health for the best benefit of all our customers. Offering Health, Safety and Environment solutions.


Thanks to our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we can provide you the necessaries tools to maintain your team health in an excellent condition.


AGF count with the latest technology equipment to identify workplace hazards and reduce accidents in your daily work activities.


We are compromise with the environmental protection in order to keep our world clean for the waste management. Providing you the best environmental technology to maintain our world in a better condition.

Eyes Protection

  • Optema safety glasses
  • Protective Goggles
  • Laser Eyewear and Googles
  • Replacement Eyewear Lenses
  • Eye Protection Accessories
  • Sp1000 Grey Durastreme

Face Protection

  • Faceshield Assemblies
  • Faceshield Accessories
  • Faceshield Headgear
  • Fibre-Metal Welding Helment
  • Facesshield Replacement Visors
  • N95 Disposable Mask

Head Protection

  • Bump Caps
  • Peak Hard Hats
  • Fibre-Metal Supereght Cap
  • Supereight Shield
  • Tigerhood Classic
  • Head Protection Accessories

Scaffolding Fall Protection

  • Miller H Design Harness
  • Air Core Derrick Harness
  • Revolution Vinyl Coated Harness
  • Falcon Self Retracting Life line

Body Protection

  • Essian Light
  • Jumpsuit Blue
  • Spacel Comfort Heavy
  • Aprons
  • Bid Overalls
  • Chain Saw and Protective Chaps
  • Work Coveralls

Foot Protection

  • Rigger Boot
  • Force(i)Xtrem
  • Oliver Lace Up Shoe
  • Oliver Ankle Boot
  • Oliver Rigger Boot
  • Dielectric Footwear
  • Steel – Toe Work Boots and Shoes
  • Plain – Toe Work Boots and Shoes

Hearing Protection

  • Single-use earplugs
  • Pre-formed or molded earplugs
  • QuietPro
  • Thunder T3
  • Thunder T1H
  • Impact Sport


  • Leather Gloves:
    • Leather Palm Safety Cuff
    • Industrial Leather Palm Safety Cuff
    • Double Leather Palm
    • Deluxe Leather Palm
    • Jaguar Leather Palm
    • Welder’s Heat Resistant
  • Canvas gloves
  • Aluminized gloves
  • Redcote Plus
  • Synthetic gloves
  • Coated fabric gloves
  • Oil Grip
  • Metal Mesh gloves
  • Aramid fiber gloves
  • Welder Gloves
  • Fabric gloves
  • Skeleton glove
  • Perfect Cutting Nit
  • Chemical- and Liquid-Resistant Gloves
    • Butyl gloves
    • Natural (latex) rubber gloves
    • Neoprene gloves
    • Nitrile gloves

Respiratory Protection

  • Full Face Mask Dual Filter
  • Titan SCBA (NFPA)
  • Fenzy X-PRO
  • Survivor Cougar