Addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

AGF GROUP, is commmitted to keep a work environment free of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. The following measures are taken into account:

  • Campaigns are made during the year with the purpose of preventing the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. In these campaigns, employees are notified about the negative effects that can lead to the consumption of these substances at an individual, social, work and family level.
  • Employees will submit under a disciplinary process in case of a verification of consumption, possession or use of alcohol and / or illicit drugs inside the facilities. This will be considered serious misconduct. This procedure would be applied in the occurrence of an accident, in which the use of alcohol and / or drugs has been a contributing factor.
  • Random tests are periodically made without prior communication to all employees. This is made to check any alcohol or drugs level.
  • Inspections are periodically made in all areas of the company, its vehicles, and contracted.